Kiri is a powerful mage and psion. She is the owner and ruler of Dead Or Pass


Kiri stands 5’ 8” tall has reddish-brown hair and bright green eyes. She is a very attractive woman with a slim to athletic build. She looks to be in her mid-thirties but is actually 110 years old. She wears various tight fitting garments but is always found to wear thigh-high maroon dragon skin boots and a black cloak with numerous holy symbols of Hecate incorporated into it.


Very little and very few know much about the pass of the women known only as Kiri. She was born in a small village over one hundred years ago. Her mother died in childbirth and her grandmother who seemed to have little time and little use for Kiri raised her.

When Kiri was twelve she ran away from home and started living on the streets of a nearby
bustling city. She manages to steal what she need to survive and slept wherever she safely could.
All this change when she was fourteen and tried to steal from a witch named Laven.

Laven was a powerful witch who happened to be traveling through the city. Laven always had
various wards cast upon herself and easily caught the little thief trying to steal her bag. She
immediately sensed the magical potential of the teenager and took her off the streets.

Over the next several years Kiri was trained in the arts of magic and the calling of Hecate. She
excelled at magic and quickly rose up through the ranks of the coven Laven was a member of.
Kiri was taught, as are all members of the coven, that Hecate ruled the ways of magic and all the
members blessing were from her. Kiri became a loyal follower of the coven and more so of

Kiri has the reputation of a powerful evil mage and a bit of a b*tch. She is very protective of the pass and her interests. She will do whatever is necessary to protect herself and her interests. This has caused the bad reputation that she now has.


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