Dead Orc Pass

Start of the campaign

The characters remember going into a inn and ordering something to eat. They started eating and drinking, they then woke up in chains in a slave auction. They were purchased and traveled to Dead Orc Pass and they met Kiri, the owner and ruler of the pass. She purchased them because she has various jobs that she wants done and she is having problems finding people to do them. So She purchased the PCs to not only do them but to hopefully convince other to work for her as well.

The PCs gain their freedom after performing 2 jobs for her. They will be supplied in armor and weapons of their choices. They will also be paid 200GP for each job. While everything that the PCs find is actually Kiri’s, she did tell them that she doesn’t need the money and unless they find a powerful or unique magic item, these items would be returned to the party.



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