Dead Orc Pass

New Mission

Players were sent to a location 15 miles to the north of Dead Orc Pass. Here they were told that they would find a small passage into the mountains. In this passage they would locate a small tower/keep. Kiri want them to clean the tower out for her.

The party left and traveled till it was starting to get dark. They made camp and set up watches. during one of the watches the party was attacked by an unknown insect-like creature. They were able to defeat the creatures, but not with out taking some damage. Both archers nearly lost their animal companions and the Dragon kin was injured as well.

The party healed and continued to the tower in the morning. They entered the tower and found it inhabited by orcs. They were able to defeat the orcs and found stairs leading up to the upper floors as well as stairs leading to the lower level. They decided to venture to the lower levels first. Their they found a room inhabited by a greater skeleton. The Alchemist threw a potion of imprisonment and trapped the skeleton. The party was able to quickly dispatch the skeleton after this, much to the dismay of the Demonologist.

In the room the found numerous magic books and the skeleton was wearing a magical robe. The demonologist was able to discover that it was a Robe of Armor. The party decided to rest inside this room before continuing on.

*end of game session



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